Setup Digital Identities for your employees or clients to secure transactions and exchange data

Talao offers a professional-specific decentralized Digital Identity management solution based on blockchain technology. It is an innovative solution on a native public key infrastructure (PKI) which provides maximum security for third parties and real protection of personal data for users.

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Get the most of
Professional Digital Identity of talent

Professional Digital Identity gathers all information that showcases talent real value and employability: experiences, skills, diploma, assessments, and the associated evidence.

It is managed by talent themselves in their own Blockchain workspace, where they can store and encrypt their data and certificates for on-demand access and instant verification.

Get access to their enriched, verified and up-to-date data to make the right decisions.

Create a trustworthy and long term partnership with talent by connecting to their Blockchain workspace.

Why blockchain?


data integrity

Credentials are stored into the Blockchain ensuring that information cannot be altered or tampered.


verification of authenticity

Anyone in the world can verify a certificate in seconds to know if the information is accurate.

Expertise and tools
for your project

Talao has developed standard API set to plug into your existing workflow and tools.

Talao supports you in your Blockchain projects to meet your human ressources challenges.

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The rely on
Talao protocol

A great opportunity to develop your corporate image, respectful of the data of your talents

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