Create your own Blockchain workspace to manage your professional Digital Identity

Traditional resume or a LinkedIn profile are simply not enought anymore. Move to an enriched and authenticated resume !

At least freedom!
Because your professional reputation is your main asset, free yourself from platforms and intermediaries.

Don't waste anymore time entering and updating your data!
Use data from your Blockchain workspace to apply for any job or assignment.

Get the most from our
Private Blockchain

Our Blockchain  was designed to empower users: data is not hosted by us or a few private companies, but managed and shared by the community.

Why are you the sole owner of your data?

You are identified on the blockchain by your adress. You are the only one able to add or update your information. Talao can manage this address on your behalf and transfer ownership to you at any time.

How secure is your data?

Data is stored and duplicated on thousands of computers. They are then unforgeable, indelible, and available anywhere in the world. No matter what happens, you will not lose your data.